World War Zero
Mission: Net Zero Emissions by 2050
Result: Pivoted From In-Person to All-Digital Activism

Secretary John Kerry, Gov. John Kasich, and Gov. Arnold Schwartzenegger founded World War Zero (WW0) to mobilize an army of climate voters through in-person town halls and on-the-ground activism. But when the pandemic struck, they recruited Manifest Social to quickly reimagine their efforts through a digital-first lens. As history shows, they met their ambitious goals for the 2020 election and beyond.

solutions implemented
Digital Strategy

Collaborated with Secretary Kerry and his team to quickly pivot to an all-digital organization, including a symbiotic digital ecosystem optimized to collect leads and convert donations.

Influencer Relations

Recruited global thought leaders to spread WW0’s content on social media, contribute to the magazine, and appear in dozens of live-streaming events.

Website Development

Improved email lead conversion by 1,300% by optimizing WW0’s website from the ground up, including design, copywriting, and User Experience.

Social Media Management

Grew social media audience by 500K new followers within the first two months and managed day-to-day engagement on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Front Lines Magazine

Partnered with WW0’s content team to launch a world-class online magazine featuring a who’s who of climate activism.

Content Strategy

Established a weekly theme-based content calendar that maximized reach and engagement across all digital platforms.